Latino Muslims: Our Journeys to Islam
Latino Muslims: Our Journeys to Islam


“The first time I stepped into a mosque was very emotional; with mixed feelings of peace and fear, my heart started beating faster. I attended classes for several months on the introduction to Islam for non-Muslims and new Muslims. In December 1983, close to Christmas time, I gave my testimony of faith by saying “I bear witness that there is only one God and Muhammad is His last messenger.” My English teacher was my witness. I was in tears during my first prayers. Finally, I had found peace in my heart; I knew that Allah was with me and I knew what was my role in this world and the reason for my existence. I have returned to the One God and I will never be lost again.” - From Sister Marta’s story.


“It is hard to say exactly what it is that I liked about Islam that attracted me to it since I like it all. If I had to say what initially attracted me to Islam, I’d say that Islam’s insistence on God’s unity would be on the top of the list. I’d also say that Islam’s golden history made a lasting impression. This history made me aware that I may possibly have had ancestors that were Muslim because of the Islamic empire within Spain. Lastly, with regards to my quest, I still love to read but I am no longer searching. I have found what the truth is.” - From Brother Shafiq’s story.


“The next morning I started to look into Islam. It’s so funny, for the last 13 years I had been surrounded by so many Muslims and was never aware of the true beauty of Islam. I remember my brother-in-law, a practicing Muslim, explaining the divinity of God alone and the importance of worshipping God alone and that no other being should be worshipped along with Him or instead of Him, but my heart was completely sealed. I was never interested in knowing anything about it. In fact, I would get offended and at times I felt like telling him how misguided he was. I was convinced that it was not the right religion – definitely not the one for me anyway.” - From Sister Marcela’s story.